Club Ambassadors

Gorge Vale Golf Club

Our Ambassador team is made up of a cross section of men and women, singles and couples of all ages and handicap levels. Our wide range of backgrounds and approaches to golf, reflect a great strength of our club. Gorge Vale is like a small village with all the diversity needed to make our community vibrant. Ambassadors are here to introduce guests to our course and club. Then we make sure that new GV members become part of our club community. We encourage you to pick one of us who comes closest to sharing your unique approach to golf. Come and experience a round of golf with us at a special rate.  Afterwards we can relax and enjoy lunch, our treat. 

To make that happen, just click on one of our photos to send us a brief message. 

Anita Granger (23.2)
It seems like GV is a different golf course with each season. I’ll never get bored golfing here and I’m looking forward to playing from the new forward tees which will add another dimension to our course. GV is also a great place to get some exercise and enjoy spending time with friends. Our GV lady membership is an enthusiastic group who love to golf a lot. In addition to being the best golf course, GV members are also very lucky to have an outstanding chef who creates excellent meals for a reasonable price.
Lorne Brownsey (19)
I’ve been a member for only a few years but have felt welcomed from the beginning. For that I thank the gang in the pro shop, the staff in the restaurant, the snack bar and GV’s friendly members. Kudos too to the crew that the keep the course in such great shape. It's pretty remarkable to have such a ‘gorge – ous’ course minutes from the centre of town. I’m usually bogey (or more) but play just to have fun with friends, both old and new. With that approach my membership has been good investment in my fitness index and (as long as I can tolerate some awful shots) my smile index.
Karen Robertson (24)
It’s difficult to find time to improve my game – but that’s why I like Gorge Vale so much. The practice area is the best anywhere. There’s lots of good players here but the course also sets up well for high handicappers like me who are here for fun and friendship. I live close to the course so I’m always taking advantage of the restaurant and dining facilities. When I come here it’s hard to believe that we have such a truly beautiful piece of countryside so close to the city.

Rhonda Kool (19)
I teach both Brain and Body Fitness, which are great ways to cross train for golf. I offer these classes to our members. The Gorge Vale terrain is a great fitness walk and I’m discovering that the new yellow forward tees are a terrific option when I want to play a really fast round to get an aerobic workout. (They are fantastic for my short game too!!) After golf there is never a dull moment at GV with a variety of social events, such as Ladies Night, Dances, Comedians and Fun Tournaments to join in and meet members. Come join me for a round of golf; I would love to show you around anytime!"

Sylvie Martel (8.4)
I travel extensively across Canada as a dental hygienist educator but it’s always great to return to our year-round golf climate and my golfing friends. Our women members are diverse, fun, easy going, love a good laugh (during and after golf), and love to share a good meal cooked by our great chef. I also organize a Mah Jong group on Wednesday evening and partake in social events we have at the club whether it is comedy, dance or music. Though I like to compete in our interclub matches and home tournaments, there is always something fun to do at Gorge!

Malcolm Barker (12.3)
I’ve played golf most of my life and certainly intend to play more once I’m retired as Seaspan VP. I’ve tried all the public courses but was extremely pleased to find that at Gorge Vale you don’t just become a member, you become part of the Club. The people are great and the course itself is unique in so many ways. It was designed to be as difficult, (or as easy) as you want it to be. There are six sets of tees to choose from. My son plays from the blacks which are among the most difficult on the Island. Playing with Dave is the best part of my game.

Andrew Moffatt (12.7)
I love the fact that Gorge Vale is so close to my home and work in James Bay. Owning and running a restaurant can be intense. So it’s great to get over to GV in less than 15 minutes and just ‘chill’, either on the course, the practice area or the pub. The members and staff - from every walk of life - are welcoming and genuinely nice to be around. The course is challenging every time you tee it up and the club is sociable every time you drop by.

Larry Christiansen (9)
My regular groups have players from 2 to 20 handicaps and we have a lot of fun. I’ve played all the other courses in Victoria and was president of a public course men’s division for 3 years. But I wanted to join a club with real community spirit. At GV we have great Super Bowl, Grey Cup and other parties as well as evening events such as the Buddy Holly or Elvis nights and a Country Western live band. GV has excellent food services with great value.  My wife and I enjoy coming in after work on Fridays and having dinner on the large deck overlooking the ninth and eighteenth greens.

Gordon Martel (11.3)
I've been a devoted golfer for about 40 years - though I only played weekly until retiring as a History Prof. My handicap has risen steadily but I still enjoy the challenge, friendships, exercise and fresh air. At some clubs it can be difficult to fit in - but not at the Gorge. Within a few months I had more than 30 new friends who I knew by name and who knew me. For example a ready-made ‘just sign up’ seniors group, plays every Friday morning (with a scramble tournament and breakfast once a month). I love GV’s openness, camaraderie and inclusiveness.

Alan Schyf (12.5)
I joined Gorge Vale about 5 years ago and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I am fortunate that I live right next door so I can pop over at a moment’s notice for some range work or a few holes. The highlight of my week, is my Sunday morning game with a great bunch of guys that I met after joining.  What I especially like about GV is the men’s and mixed tournaments that are great fun and give you the opportunity to meet other members.

David Walmsley (10)
In my hotel business travels, I’ve seen golf courses all over the world. Now I’m lucky to live near a gem which ranks with the best. GV is almost a second home now that I’m retired. I did my homework and played all the local courses before making my choice. In the end there was none. A.V Macan was a genius who designed this heritage track to bring a daily array of new challenges. What I like most is the variety from 7 tee choices, the fast pace of play, and the emphasis on great conditions 12 months a year. My fellow GV’ers are friendly, welcoming, and fiercely proud of Gorge Vale golf…just like me.

Murray McAllindon (4.1)
I started playing golf as a teenager, love competitive golf and have found my home at Gorge Vale. The course is a great test of my game. Every hole is different and each round seems to bring a unique experience which demands new skills. There’s no better course or practice facility to develop your game. As a result GV has one of the highest percentages of low single digit golfers in the country. So join us and grow your game. There’s always room for another in GV’s elite group who are scratch or better.

Brett Lacey (5.0)
After 14 years in Victoria when my hair salon and family were established, I decided to take up golf – the right way – with good instruction. With help from GV’s great pros I eventually dropped over 20 strokes. But initially I was intimidated by both the game and the idea of belonging to a private golf club. I asked myself - Would I fit in? Could I afford it? There were no worries on both counts. Not only was everyone friendly and welcoming but with GV’s no interest long-term payment plan it was easily done. Today’s price is even better.

Dave Barker (0)
I’ve been a Gorge Vale member since I was ten years old and believe there’s no better course to grow your game. On any given day the back tee blocks and pin placements require two or three well thought-out shots. Even if you’re long and straight off the tee, you still have to deal with the slope of the fairways. You quickly learn to negotiate many difference stances and ball positions.  The greens have subtle breaks and multiple tiers and they stay in good condition all year. The pros love it here for good reason. I love it here because of the people I’ve met, the staff in the pro shop and restaurant, and of course the opportunity to play golf with good friends - especially my dad.

Dennis Pinvidic (14.1)
For most of my adult life I didn’t play golf because it was a ‘stupid waste of time’. (Or so I thought). My business career took all of my time. Then success suddenly gave me too much of that precious commodity and I needed to stay productive. Ironically golf became the antidote. In fact it was a life saver for me. Now I live on a California golf course in winter and halfway down the first fairway of Gorge Vale in the summer. GV is the best club I've ever been a part of. I look forward to a beer with the guys as much as the game itself.

John McCann (12.9)
I'm not the best golfer but with our great practice range and help from our teaching staff I've dropped my cap considerably. Because of my dental practice I play just on Fridays and Saturdays but almost always get the tee times that I want. Plus we have a great group of guys that anyone can join to get random foursomes every Saturday morning. It’s a great way to meet new people.

Rick Jess (7.9)
My first task after retiring as an auto/defence exec and moving to Victoria, was to find the right golf course. I wanted a ‘golf club’, not a ‘country club’ – a course which offered a unique challenge, a means to stay physically active and great people who shared my passion for the game. I’ve found all those things and more at Gorge Vale. It was easy to find playing partners right away because there are many groups within the club who organize games for you. I like GV’s ‘personality.’ I would describe our members as serious about the game, but not so serious about themselves.