The Golf Body Project

Gorge Vale Golf Club

Golf and Fitness: A pathway for real change


Isaac Weintraub is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified golf fitness Coach and a PGA of Canada Professional.  Isaac operates his Golf and Performance School out of Gorge Vale Golf Club here in Victoria, BC.  He has competed on The PGA Tour of Canada, European Challenge Tour and PGA Tour during his 14 years as a professional.   His work experience includes a number of courses here on Vancouver Island, Los Angeles Country Club and Augusta National Golf Club- home of The Masters.  Isaac also recently completed his Masters Degree in Turf Science at Penn State University. Isaac has a great passion for golf and is committed to making real change within the framework of the golf swing and it’s relation to the body and mind.

For information on 'The Golf Body Project' or TPI program contact:

Isaac Weintraub at 250.532.2811 or