Unmatched Value

Gorge Vale Golf Club

Our membership program encourages family participation. We provide unmatched value - for all age groups. We make it easier to join us because we know you'll stay.

  • Membership at GV provides the best value of any Victoria area 'golf club'. If you are currently playing a public 'golf course' six times a month - our membership plan will give you unlimited golf and practice for less.
  • Golf at GV is Fast, Friendly and Fun. Most of the time you'll get through nine holes in two hours. Members come first so you'll have access to the tee times you want and the opportunity to meet and play with new people.
  • We average less than two public players per day and we do not offer any public play packages which crowd tee times. Fully 98% of our rounds are members and members who bring guests and we have a limit on outside tournaments.
  • When our members time is limited, many simply drop by to practice chipping, putting, driving and if time permits, play just a few holes. 
  • We also have a great junior program, one of the best on the island, and our teaching and support provides positive results - both on and off the course. Our juniors learn golf techniques and personal character building. We teach children how to find the middle of the fairway and life's path for success.
  • Travelling members have access to 30 prestigious courses on the west coast and around the world.