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The Intermediate category of membership is from 19 - 39 years of age.

Privileges and Conditions:

Initiation Fee: Intermediate members receive a discount of 10% in initiation fee commitment for each full year as an intermediate member, to a maximum discount of 50%. The discount is applied as a reduction of payments.  Monthly Plan with $800 down and $60 each month (no interest).

Monthly Dues: Intermediate dues increases incrementally based on age. Starting from $70/month for age 19 through to $294/month for age 39.


Privileges and Conditions:

Initiation Fee: $4,000 and $2,000 for the spouse/life partner.  Payable upon joining.

Monthly Dues: $172

For further information on membership at the Gorge Vale Golf Club please contact our General Manager, Patrick Chury: